A place where I like to draw inspiration from is photography and lately, I have been very interested in the works of photographers Adam Fuss and John Fobes. When I first looked at their works, I didn’t grasp the fact that they were photographs, I thought they were digitally manipulated scans. Looking more into it, I discovered the art of photograms. I found that there was something almost dreamlike and fantasy about their works.

For Adam Fuss, I am really inspired by the capture of his colors and layout. How everything is almost mirrored but there is still that element of human mistakes.

For John Fobes, I am really inspired by his work series, which is a concept that I was working a lot with during my years in high school as an art student. I like works where there is a story that is up for interpretation by the audience and Fobes does it in an almost subtle way. The capture of colors and texture bring life to his series and you can tell that there was a human behind his stories.

Looking at work that is not directly related to graphic design inspires me because it brings to my mind a variety of different possibilities that I could be including in my work to make it more interesting.

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