Being a creative director, I can’t just rely on my design skills and experiences, I will need to challenge myself in areas that are needed for the job. Though it is hard to define a set of soft skills a creative director must have, here are 3 points that I feel should always be at the back of my mind:


Not just with the fact of “taking the lead but taking responsibility and maintaining morale during hard times. To constantly evaluate situations and protect the well-being of those around me when met with difficult clients.


In a position where everyone is going to be coming for me, the skill of communication is of the essence. In a job where clients, employees, and vendors will be going for the leader for answers. One must know how to articulate to deliver the best result that will affect their success.


Proof is everything. Building on my communication skills, my portfolio must convey and exemplify my experience and samples of what I’ve done rather than just words. Everything relevant that I have done during my previous years can demonstrate my acquired skills and demonstrate my competence for the job.

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