#REFLE As I am approaching the end of Year 1 Graphic Design, have noticed a performance gap between the first semester and my second one, especially when comparing my work for Narrative and Time vs Strategy and Direction. I noticed that my work during Strategy and Direction lacked a lot of motivation on my part and was just fulfilling the tasks just for the sake of being fulfilled.

Looking back, I realized it’s because there was an absence of story in my work for Strategy and Direction. I feel like if I need to be motivated for my future works in branding, I will need more than just a concept, I will need a story. A creative narrative to be able to sell the brand to myself before others. I believe that by giving storytelling importance in branding, I will become less tentative and become self-assured in. the way I. can relate my work to the audience and create something that is mission-focused and can highlight my values. It is all about mixing my strong qualities with my weak ones to create something that can motivate me and challenge me to be a better designer.

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