In this self-interview, I will be answering the question: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned this year? (referring to the time I’ve spent being a Year 1 Graphic Design student).

This year was full of new experiences and life lessons that I hope I will carry with me in my next years, however, if I had to pick just one lesson I would go with the fact that I should be more self-assured in myself. A quality that I dislike in myself but yet I can’t help it is the fact that I am a hesitant person. I will always go back and forth and erase all my progress to start from the beginning which leads to the execution of work that I am not fully convinced with and has lost its essence. I have learned that everything I go through is worth saving. I have started to favor the process of writing and noting down everything. From sketches to keywords to just about anything because there will always be something to look back at before evaluating and eliminating.

I hope to carry out this process that has helped me become more self-assured in my work in the future.