Writing about my beliefs and my experiences sounded easy enough to me at first but was challenging to carry through and be consistent. As I am finishing this semester, here are some points I have learned about writing about my own work and how can I possibly get better at articulation.

I have learned that I should not solely count on my experiences alone. I will also need to reflect a lot on other materials written by designers in the field and never stop writing and practicing. Writing is all about challenging yourself which is something I feel I have played safe with because I could always rely on visuals to make it more interesting. However, what would be a real challenge for me is to build an image in people’s minds using just the words.

To get better, the first thing I should do is start editing! Going through all my previous blogs and creative writings to find new ways to enhance them and build on them. Replace words with stronger ones and reorganize my thoughts in a more cohesive way for the readers. I have also noticed that I struggle with opening and ending my work. Finding a way to grab the readers’ attention from the start to reel them into not just the end of my blog but to encourage them to read the others as well.

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