The “Ban Comic Sans” manifesto by David Combs and his wife Holly Combs, designers who share a mutual dislike for the Comic Sans font. In the manifesto, the designers talk about preserving the traditions of typography and how the development of technology has allowed the uneducated to disturb this art form. They say that the tone of voice for a font speaks louder than the text itself and can convey meaning. Giving the “DO NOT ENTER” sign as an example where heavy-striked, attention-grabbing font. They argue that Comic Sans is a funny-looking font that goes against the traditions of typography and has a casual purpose. They end the manifesto by summoning all literates to ban the Comic Sans font and ensure a generation where we won’t have to suffer from the epidemic of unserious fonts.

Quick review: While the manifesto presents some great points one has to agree with, I believe that it is written with the intention that all design must be professional and anything that doesn’t follow should be banned. I believe that there is a charm to the fact that people find ways to express and communicate through design that is not all for professional purposes but can lead to some great discoveries. Like the fact that the Comic Sans font helps dyslexic kids. However, I do agree with the fact that technology has made some aspects of the design industry tawdry.

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