Building on my journal blog with the title “A graphic design student that doesn’t know which field to go to?” in this blog post I will be exploring the role of a creative director in the graphic design field.

On the way to becoming a creative director, I can dabble in many mediums and styles that will always come in useful. I don’t feel like whatever I will be discovering and studying will be going to waste. That’s what I like about a broad field.

While we can see creative jobs in many industries, I would say that I am currently interested in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s TV, theater, music, or any sort of activity that hold attention and delight. I am someone who changes their mind all the time, I cannot stick to one thing for long and am always looking for change. I feel like the entertainment industry may offer me the variety that I desire in life. I believe that this want for constant change can make me a flexible person when working which is a trait that is valued I believe in this field as there are no fixed working hours for the job.