While I did mention in my previous blog On the Road to creative direction! that I aspire to be a creative director in the entertainment industry, I also had the passion to be involved in the fashion industry and am using this blog post as an opportunity to daydream.

The role of a fashion graphic designer is something that is not much talked about in either industry since it is overshadowed. A fashion graphic designer combines the roles of visual concept and designing clothing to create print motifs and graphics for clothing and accessories, and promotional material for the brand itself such as swing tickets and visuals for an advertising campaign.

In graphic design, I appreciate that the field overlaps with other industries as it gives a wider spectrum of job opportunities to creatives and designers. Fashion is not any different. One who is interested in fashion graphic design must pursue an education in both schools and the work their way from a junior fashion graphic designer to a senior one, working in bigger fashion houses.

While being a fashion graphic designer is a job that still sounds interesting to me, i find myself slightly dabbling in that field instead of being fully committed to it. I like to belive that i work best in a wider industry where i don’t feel tied down to a specific experience.