The purpose of this interview is to see the differences and similarities between my work process as a graphic design student and a fine arts student and if I can learn anything from the experiences of someone in a different field. I decided to interview a friend of mine who majors in fine arts and is particularly interested in mosaics.

Question: How do you start your creative process? (What inspires you and where do you look for inspiration?)

I am someone who is impacted by my surroundings and how they make me feel. I like to be inspired by my experiences and look for ways to express them in abstract ways. Sometimes finding the words can be difficult so I would usually look for the right medium instead. Before starting on the concept of my piece, I like to pick the material of which I am going to use. I like to match the medium to my emotions or my message. If I am feeling sad I usually like to use heavy and opaque materials that cover the surface and are bold. If I want to clear my mind, I like using watercolors, and when feeling angry I like using mosaics. Something about using glass, cutting, and gluing them together to create something beautiful justifies my feelings and eases my anger. I never like to suppress any of my feelings as most of my inspirations come from within. If I lose that part of myself then I am in a creative block.