Manifesto summary:

In my manifesto, I start by discussing my process and how it enriches and is essential to my work. The core element of my process is sketching, drafting, and creating many trials before sticking to a single direction. I build upon this element and discuss how the process of sketching with pen and paper shows the human element and human qualities in design (what I am manifesting). I go on by trying and prove how important the human touch is to me by mentioning the rise of AI (artificial intelligence) and how it’s eliminating the human touch which cannot be replaced by a robot.


Manifesto poster design:

I wanted to create a poster where people can almost get a sense of what I am my manifesto is about even before reading it. I thought the best way to represent the human touch would be by displaying a finger print at the center of the poster.

The content of my poster is wrapped in the shape and lines of the finger print to further emphasise on the importance of human touch and qualities that I discuss all throughout my manifesto.

Additional text was added to give the feel that the poster is a collected data, a quality that humans admire from robots. “SKETCH #33” indicating the number of trial and presenting it in a clean and precise format.

Lastly to avoid the poster to look flat, the text where edited to look like the ink was bleeding on the paper.