When keeping up and reading about trends, I like to both look at images and read about them to get a complete perspective. In this blog, I will be talking about 3 of my favorite design trends of this year.

While many people look at trends as mass-market products, I like to think of them as future strategies. With the right direction and brief, I believe that using a trend to appeal to a certain target audience can prevent tacky designs  that fail to be timless.

1. Mysticism

Mystical Badges by Daphna Sebbane on Dribble.

In design, mysticism concerns iconography and illustrations that relate to astrology and divination.

It makes sense for this style to be a trend in 2023 as the world is still in the process of healing and recovering from the pandemic.

I think whether you’re a spiritual person or not, this kind of style can speak to a great variety of audiences as the nature of it is gentle and delicate, and is easy on the eyes with a message that evokes hope and upliftment.


2. Retro line art

by RLX_Creations on 99Designs.

This a style that has been present in 2022 design trends and I see it only growing from here.

Seeing how the world has turned back to comfortable nostalgia and expressive designs, I am excited to see what another year has to offer.

Going for a more minimalistic approach, what I appreciate about this trend is the felt-tip marker feel that gives a human essence to the style.



3. Airbrush surrealism


Stepping further in time from the Y2K trend in 2022, this year the 80s airbrush glow seems to be a popular design approach.

I find that pairing this technique with surrealism gives a dream-like look to the design, creating a passage to escape reality.






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