Yes, I am a graphic design student and no, I do not know where I am going to end up after graduation. While some students around me have an idea of where and what field they’re choosing, I still have some doubts.

I find that there is a certain advantage to having doubts. It makes me curious and interested in every new thing I learn. Doubting leads to investigation, questioning, and the desire to seek more information and test things out. I think that if I was sure of where I am going to end up, I would’ve favored some modules and shown less care to others. Being impartial about what I learn challenges me to try and be the best version of myself in everything, and produce the best in everything.

Given the fact that I am interested in creative direction, no matter what the field, I think enjoying the process of everything I do is something I am going to be grateful for in the future. There is something freeing about enjoying the process for what it is and thinking about a path later. It makes me solely focus on my creative development rather than on skills or design curation.