Founded in March 2020, Egypt International Art Fair featured works by more than 100 artists with a total participation of around 1300 artworks by 18 participating galleries from Egypt and the MENA region.

Known nowadays as Art Cairo upon its 4th edition, the fair took place in February 2023 and was the first fully curated fair in the country. The fair lasted for 4 days and mainly featured Arab artists from Egypt and the Arab world.   This allowed for the art pieces to be varied in medium, style, and display. Without knowing these people personally, I was able to get a glimpse of their thoughts, mentality, and upbringing. Whether this specific artist grew up in their country or was raised abroad and what culture and historical events influenced their art and storytelling. 

Salah Taher, Untitled (1980), Oil on Wood.

Mohamed el Fayoumi, Untitled (2023), Bronze.

Naguib. Moein, Untitled, Wood and Marble.

Overall the experience was very beneficial and visually inspiring. Not all pieces that were displayed were curated in our current years. Some pieces were 2 to 3 decades old. When I found out that fact it was so interesting because every piece transcended time, I could not tell the date of curation of a piece by just looking at it.

A flaw I found in the art fair was the fact that the pieces were for sale, which distanced me from the pieces to a certain extent. When looking at a piece, I had a hard time appreciating it knowing that the artist’s intention was probably to just create revenue off of art instead of creating an experience for the audience.

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